NEW Vintage, Classic & Modern Guitar Strap Designs

are on the way,

as well as an entirely new Series!

Play in Tune and Stay Tuned!  




Dedicated Bouzouki / Mandola straps

with Custom-Crafted Clips for those intricate Soundholes

Catch The Culture....Catch the Style! 

  In Greek Key & Celtic Knot designs.




In 2013 our Cotton Mandolin Straps created a Revolution.

 Introducing New Models for 2014!

Available Now.



From Left to Right:

Brushfire, Greek Key, Rustic Flowers, Golden Palm, Macon, Mesa & Cheyenne





Cotton Ukulele Straps in Solids & Patterns

Made In The USA, Comfortable & Stunning!

These are Awesome! 


TROPHY Straps is a proud & continuing partner in

LET IT BE Worldwide touring companies 


 Fender, C.F. Martin, Epiphone, Hofner, SONY ATV Music Publishing, and The Cavern Club of Liverpool, among others.





 TROPHY FRINGE is Awesome!!

We saw room for this product in the fashion, music, & bike accessory field. Whether Rock, Country, Biker, Hippie, Folkie, Bluegrass, Metal, Punk, or Hip Hop,


Available in Clip & Loop end styles.


Yes, that's who you think it is & it's TROPHY Fringe!



EPIPHONE Guitars celebrated their 140th Anniversary with a Rooftop Concert in Nashille & TROPHY was there!

Join the Revolution with a 

TROPHY Cotton Mandolin Strap 

1-1/4" width, Cotton, Nickel Buckles,

Comfortable, Elegant & Useful.

Top to Bottom:

Palmetto, Celtic Knot, Pacifica, Wildflowers, Del Rio & Reno




Our 3 Latest 2" wide strap models

From top to bottom:

Heartbreaker, Black Diamond & Black Rose

Now In Stock








    THIS is how you Rock, when TROPHYs how you Roll! 



Callie Cryer & Bruno Jones - The Vespers



Banjo, Mandolin, Uke, Headstock Adaptors

They're here & you've never seen anything like them!

Retrofit Strap Adaptors for Banjo, Mandolin, Uke, Acoustic guitar headstock

and just about anything you can think of.

Available in White, Black & Brown Leathers!!



Check out the categories on the left for Strap Adaptors, Banjo & Mandolin Ukulele for more details.

These are awesome!




The Lennon Peace Strap available in 3 end combination options!

These Awesome straps look amazing, feel great, and are sturdy and strong, and we did the research to make them great!

Don't be fooled by the flimsy imitations creeping around out there....

Designed with the assistance of The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.


 Leather Retrofit Buckle Strap Adaptors

Available in Brown, White & Black

Give any strap a Vintage look & add up to 10 inches in strap length.

Install one on each end for an 82' TROPHY Strap!

Check out the easy installation video in the "How-To" section at the top of the page.




Check out our Limited Edition Natural Vegan straps located in the Custom Shop.   


 Historic Hendrix Woodstock Red and Lennon Rooftop Black & White



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